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Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality

  title={Powers of Desire: The Politics of Sexuality},
  author={Ann Barr Snitow and Christine Stansell and Sharon Thompson},
This provocative anthology brings together a diverse group of well-known feminist and gay writers, historians, and activists. They are concerned not only with current sexual issues-abortion, pornography, reproductive and gay rights-but they also raise a host of new issues and questions: How, and in what ways, is sexuality political? Is the struggle for sexual freedom a complement to other struggles for liberation, or will it detract from them? Has the sexual revolution diminished or enriched… 
Pornography and Social Policy: Three Feminist Approaches
Arguments regarding sexuality and sexual expression have been central issues in feminist theory. This article explores three opposing feminist models for interpreting sexual imagery—the radical
Third-Wave Feminism, Sexualities, and the Adventures of the Posts
In engaging the issue of contemporary feminism and sexuality, we begin by situating contemporary debates within feminism in the United States in the context of so-called feminist waves, with emphasis
Smuggling Sex Through the Gates: Race, Sexuality, and the Politics of Space in Second Wave Feminism
The "Second Wave" of feminism was a mass movement forged through acts that reconfigured the relationship among women, sexuality, and public space. But the sites of women's activism also engendered
A Feminist Search for Love
This article explores the life and work of Emma Goldman to formulate a radical critique of intimacy. Goldman’s theory of sexual freedom and revolutionary love offers a feminist vision that challenges
The politics of lesbian specificity.
The notion of lesbian specificity must be understood in the context of heteronormative society. Heterosexual norms affect negotiations of power and sexual desire in lesbian relationships. But this
Feminist Ideals for a Healthy Female Adolescent Sexuality: A Critique
This paper explores the ideals of healthy sexuality for teenage girls in the U.S. proposed by feminist theorists and researchers. Current ideals emphasize desire, pleasure, and subjectivity, and
Coming to Terms: Homosexuality and the Left in American Culture
This review essay places several recent works on homosexuality and the Left within a broader history of scholarly engagement with queer radicalism. Books by Daniel Hurewitz, Terence Kissack, Gary
Representative Women: Slavery, Citizenship, and Feminist Theory in Du Bois's "Damnation of Women"
In this essay, I contend that feminist theories of citizenship in the U.S. context must go beyond simply acknowledging the importance of race and grapple explicitly with the legacies of slavery. To
Problems Encountered in Writing the History of Sexuality: Sources, Theory and Interpretation
As historians have begun to write about sexuality, they have encountered a wide variety of rich sources. These sources pose for the historian an array of interpretive problems involving the
Feminisms, queer theories, and the archaeological study of past sexualities
Archaeology faces the unique challenge of stretching social theories of sexuality in new chronological and methodological directions. This essay uses an analysis of citational practices to consider