Power to the people

  title={Power to the people},
  author={Declan Butler},
In Africa, where malaria hits hardest, scientists are crying out for countries to take matters into their own hands, says Declan Butler. 
Adapting lessons learned from HIV epidemic control to COVID-19 and future outbreaks in sub-Saharan Africa
A large number of African countries have already imposed several measures, including strict travel restrictions and border closures, as initial steps to curb transmission of the virus, but with the changing disease landscape, local and community transmissions have been increasing.
Exploring the power to change: Fair trade, development and handicraft production in Bangladesh
Exploring the power to change: Fair Trade, development and handicraft production in Bangladesh
Small state, big example: Covid pandemic management in Bhutan
In a world with drastic and exacerbating inequalities where health and well-being have been supplanted by wealth and hell being, the pandemic is a complex global occurrence that affected different
An assessment of public private partnerships in the road sector: a Case of Uganda National Roads Authority
PhD (Public Management and Governance), North-West University, (South Africa) Vanderbijlpark Campus
Challenges of multidisciplinary research of socio-economic development at the beginning of XXI century: new approaches, perspectives and opportunities
In 2015, Macedonia conducted 11 programs: Program for AIDS, mothers and children, early detection of cancer, examining the incidence, prevention and eradication of brucellosi s in the population in Macedonia, compulsory vaccin ation of the population, public health, early Detection of malig nant diseases, protecting the population from HIV / AIDS, preventive measures for preventing tuberculosis and the health for all.
Policy Responses to fight COVID-19; the case of Ghana
Abstract This paper focuses on the policy responses of Ghana’s government with a focus on three areas: health, economic, and social. Ghana had made several policy interventions in these three areas.
Culture and activism: Mongane Wally Serote’s To Every Birth Its Blood
ABSTRACT For South African author Mongane Wally Serote, art and activism can only operate in tandem. In the 1970s and 1980s, Serote took leadership roles in revolutionary and anti-apartheid
COVID-19 pandemic as a learning path for grounding conservation policies in science
Own resource mobilization of panchayats : An analysis with special reference to Howrah district of West Bengal
The issue of own resource mobilisation of Panchayats have assumed importance in recent years, particularly after two landmark developments, namely the structural adjustment programme that began in a
Experience of the Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Scheme: are there lessons for NREGS? CPRC Working Paper No. 118.
This paper notes that while the NREGS has potential to reduce the intensity of poverty for the large mass of rural poor, the number of days of work provided and the level of the wage rate remain