Power quality assessment of table based Direct Power Control for active front-end rectifiers


The objective of this study is to investigate the various switching tables for performance enhancement of three-phase Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) rectifiers controlled by Direct Power Control (DPC). This study includes different lookup tables such as fast, slow regenerative fast and regenerative slow along with Noguchi's conventional lookup table. DPC has portrayed the benefits of simplicity, faster response, elimination of current controllers, and better sensitivity to variations in system parameters and load changes. The lookup table is the heart of this control technique. Hence, it is extremely vital to do in-depth investigation and analysis of switching tables to ensure optimal performance of DPC. With a view of this many pieces of research have been carried out but nowhere power quality of various lookup tables were analyzed at a single place, and optimal table concern with the power quality is justified. In our work, we have considered various lookup tables collectively from literature and their power quality analysis has been done for performance study of three phase PWM rectifiers controlled by DPC using MATLAB Simulink.

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