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Power of the Few vs . Wisdom of the Crowd : Wikipedia and the Rise of the Bourgeoisie

  title={Power of the Few vs . Wisdom of the Crowd : Wikipedia and the Rise of the Bourgeoisie},
  author={Aniket Kittur and Ed Chi and Bryan A. Pendleton and Bongwon Suh},
Wikipedia has been a resounding success story as a collaborative system with a low cost of online participation. However, it is an open question whether the success of Wikipedia results from a “wisdom of crowds” type of effect in which a large number of people each make a small number of edits, or whether it is driven by a core group of “elite” users who do the lion’s share of the work. In this study we examined how the influence of “elite” vs. “common” users changed over time in Wikipedia. The… 
Who Writes Wikipedia?: An Investigation from the Perspective of Ortega and Newton Hypotheses
The results indicate that the overall contribution of masses across several parameters even exceeds the contribution by elites, and this may help in devising appropriate incentivization policies for Wikipedia and the collaborative systems in general.
Wikipedians are born, not made: a study of power editors on Wikipedia
The results suggest a design opportunity: customizing the initial user experience to improve retention and channel new users' intense energy over the course of their career.
Understanding the "Few that Matter" in Online Social Production Communities: The Case of Wikipedia
Several past studies have commented on the uneven distribution of contributions in online social production communities while at the same time highlighting the successful end products of many such
Crowdsourcing and knowledge sharing: strategic user behavior on taskcn
The behavior of users on one of the biggest Witkey websites in China, Taskcn.com, is examined to hold clues to the future of crowdsourcing and freelance marketplaces, and raise interesting design implications for such sites.
Wisdom of the crowd or technicity of content? Wikipedia as a sociotechnical system
This article analyses the sociotechnical system — the intricate collaboration between human users and automated content agents — that defines Wikipedia as a knowledge instrument.
Wisdom of crowds: the effect of participant composition and contribution behavior on Wikipedia article quality
The results show that an increase in the number of participants increases the possibility of either enhancing or reducing the article quality, and in most cases, the greater the proportion of core members (people who frequently participate in editing), the higher the possible of enhancing the articlequality.
Harnessing the wisdom of crowds in wikipedia: quality through coordination
Examination of how the number of editors in Wikipedia and the coordination methods they use affect article quality demonstrated the critical importance of coordination in effectively harnessing the "wisdom of the crowd" in online production environments.
The Virtuous Circle of Wikipedia: Recursive Measures of Collaboration Structures
This bi-partite network random walker metric reveals the specific structure of cooperation and how the quality of articles is achieved through coordination, and shows that while the wisdom of crowds is well pulled in some categories, more editors per article can also create disvalue.
Characterization of the Distribution of Participation in Wikis
The distribution of participation in peer production, such as wikis and open source communities, has been traditionally characterized as a power-law distribution. This assumption has several
There ’ s No Such Thing as the Perfect Map : Quantifying Bias in Spatial Crowdsourcing Datasets
Crowd-sourcing has become a popular form of computer mediated collaborative work and OpenStreetMap represents one of the most successful crowd-sourcing systems, where the goal of building and


Measuring Wikipedia
Wikipedia, an international project that uses Wiki software to collaboratively create an encyclopaedia, is becoming more and more popular. Everyone can directly edit articles and every edit is
Wikipedias: collaborative web-based encyclopedias as complex networks.
An analysis of Wikipedias in several languages as complex networks is presented, showing that many network characteristics are common to different language versions of Wikipedia, such as their degree distributions, growth, topology, reciprocity, clustering, assortativity, path lengths, and triad significance profiles.
Preferential attachment in the growth of social networks: the case of Wikipedia
An analysis of the statistical properties and growth of the free on-line encyclopedia Wikipedia is presented, which can be described by local rules such as the preferential attachment mechanism, though users, who are responsible of its evolution, can act globally on the network.
Studying cooperation and conflict between authors with history flow visualizations
This paper investigates the dynamics of Wikipedia, a prominent, thriving wiki, and focuses on the relevance of authorship, the value of community surveillance in ameliorating antisocial behavior, and how authors with competing perspectives negotiate their differences.
He says, she says: conflict and coordination in Wikipedia
The growth of non-direct work in Wikipedia is examined and the development of tools to characterize conflict and coordination costs in Wikipedia are described, which may inform the design of new collaborative knowledge systems.
Diffusion of innovations
  • T. Valente
  • Sociology, Medicine
    Genetics in Medicine
  • 2003
Upon returning to the U.S., author Singhal’s Google search revealed the following: in January 2001, the impeachment trial against President Estrada was halted by senators who supported him and the government fell without a shot being fired.
Temporal Evolution of the Wikigraph
  • To appear in Proc. of the Web Intelligence Conference
  • 2006
Competitive and Cooperative Structures in Online Worlds
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Conflict and coordination in Wikipedia
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Growing Wikipedia Refines Its 'Anyone Can Edit' Policy
  • Growing Wikipedia Refines Its 'Anyone Can Edit' Policy
  • 2006