Power fatigue of the rat diaphragm muscle.

  title={Power fatigue of the rat diaphragm muscle.},
  author={Bill T. Ameredes and W Z Zhan and Y. K. Subrahmanya Prakash and Rene Vandenboom and Gary C. Sieck},
  journal={Journal of applied physiology},
  volume={89 6},
We hypothesized that decrements in maximum power output (W(max)) of the rat diaphragm (Dia) muscle with repetitive activation are due to a disproportionate reduction in force (force fatigue) compared with a slowing of shortening velocity (velocity fatigue). Segments of midcostal Dia muscle were mounted in vitro (26 degrees C) and stimulated directly at 75 Hz in 400-ms-duration trains repeated each second (duty cycle = 0.4) for 120 s. A novel technique was used to monitor instantaneous… CONTINUE READING