Power-aware routing in networks with delay and link utilization constraints


This paper addresses the NP-hard problem of switching off bundled links whilst retaining the QoS provided to existing applications. We propose a fast heuristic, called Multiple Paths by Shortest Path First (MSPF), and evaluated its performance against two state-of-the-art techniques: GreenTE, and FGH. MSPF improves the energy saving on average by 5% as compared to GreenTE with only 1% CPU time. While yielding equivalent energy savings, MSPF requires only 0.35% of the running time of FGH. Finally, for Maximum Link Utilization (MLU) below 50% and delay no longer than the network diameter, MSPF reduces the power usage of the GÉANT topology by up to 91%.

DOI: 10.1109/LCN.2012.6423626

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@article{Lin2012PowerawareRI, title={Power-aware routing in networks with delay and link utilization constraints}, author={Gongqi Lin and Sieteng Soh and Mihai Lazarescu and Kwan-Wu Chin}, journal={37th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks}, year={2012}, pages={272-275} }