Power and Energy Analysis on Intel Single-chip Cloud Computer System


Improving the computing performance of the multicore and many-core systems is one of the primary interests to computer architecture researchers currently. Message Passing Interface (MPI) and Multi-core techniques are converged to solve this problem. With performance enhancement, the power and energy consumption increase correspondingly. The Single-Chip Cloud Computer (SCC) is an experimental processor created by Intel Labs. This paper proposed an approach to study the power and energy consumption on the 48-core SCC many-core system and realized the message passing on the SCC. First, we profile the execution time, voltage and current on each running set. Later, we calculated the power and energy consumption, and compared them with increasing number of cores, varying voltage and frequency levels. Finally, we reached a conclusion focus on its scalability and relationship between power/energy consumption and system performance in terms of execution time. Keywords—SCC; MPI; RCCE; energy; power; DVFS

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