Power and Area Efficient Squarer Design

  title={Power and Area Efficient Squarer Design},
  author={Kyung-Ju Cho and Yong-Eun Kim and Jin-Gyun Chung},
  journal={2006 Fortieth Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers},
The partial product matrix (PPM) of a parallel squarer is symmetric. To reduce the depth of PPM, it can be folded, shifted and rearranged. In this paper, we present a high performance parallel squarer design method. Also, a fixed-width squarer design method of the proposed squarer is presented. By simulations, it is shown that the proposed squarers lead to up to 17% reduction in area, 10% reduction in propagation delay and 10% reduction in power consumption compared with previous squarers. By… CONTINUE READING