Power Management of Datacenter Workloads Using Per-Core Power Gating

  title={Power Management of Datacenter Workloads Using Per-Core Power Gating},
  author={Jacob Leverich and Matteo Monchiero and Vanish Talwar and Parthasarathy Ranganathan and Christoforos E. Kozyrakis},
  journal={IEEE Computer Architecture Letters},
While modern processors offer a wide spectrum of software-controlled power modes, most datacenters only rely on dynamic voltage and frequency scaling (DVFS, a.k.a. P-states) to achieve energy efficiency. This paper argues that, in the case of datacenter workloads, DVFS is not the only option for processor power management. We make the case for per-core power gating (PCPG) as an additional power management knob for multi-core processors. PCPG is the ability to cut the voltage supply to selected… CONTINUE READING
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