Power Grab

  title={Power Grab},
  author={P. Mahdavi},
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Nationalization, Oil and Political Regime: a Comparative Analysis of the Experience of the Soviet State and Latin American Countries
Introductions. Oil production is historically an important part of government revenues in many developing countries. The Gulf monarchies are traditionally considered as typical ‘rentier states’,


Veto Players
  • Education
    Formal Models of Domestic Politics
  • 2021
Democracy, Autocracy, and Expropriation of Foreign Direct Investment
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Crisis and contract breach: The domestic and international determinants of expropriation
In this paper we address how external factors shape government decisions to break or uphold contracts, specifically focusing on how economic shocks and support from multilateral financial
Developing Global Champions: Why National Oil Companies Expand Abroad
National oil companies (NOCs) have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign oil and gas assets. Why have some governments increased their NOC outward investments, while others have not? I
Examining the Crude Details: Government audits of oil and gas project costs to maximize revenue collection
The petroleum sector offers governments huge potential revenues that could be invested in poverty alleviation and inequality reduction, but those revenues must first be collected. Taxes are levied on