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Power Factor Correction of Inductive Loads using PLC

  title={Power Factor Correction of Inductive Loads using PLC},
  author={Sayed Abdullah Sadat and E. Sreesobha and P. V. N. Prasad},
This paper proposes an automatic power factor correction for variable inductive loads, most dominantly induction motors (IM) utilizing the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC. [...] Key Method Using PLC program, according to the control strategy to obtain a pre-specified power factor a set of capacitors sized in a binary rate will be switched on or off with the help of switching relays and contactors.Expand
Capacitor bank controller using artificial neural network with closed-loop system
This study proposed a capacitor bank control system that can adapt to plants with different capacitor values without using any calculations by using an Artificial Neural Network with a closed-loop controller and has a better performance than the conventional method in power factor oscillation.