Power Electronics and Variable Frequency Drives: Technology and Applications

  title={Power Electronics and Variable Frequency Drives: Technology and Applications},
  author={Bimal K. Bose},
Fault diagnosis of mechanical systems based on electrical supply characteristics
This thesis examines the effectiveness of both motor current and voltage signals using spectrum analysis for detecting broken rotor bar and shaft misalignment and gear oil viscosity changes with different degrees of severities under sensorless control (close) modes.
Angular Position Control of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Compensation of the Nonlinearities of the DQ-Model
Simulation results prove the accuracy and robustness of the proposed angular position controller and the design of the controller becomes easier.
Position control of PMSM based on augmented Fuzzy Takagi-Sugeno SISO models and LMIs
The addition of the integrator and the independent position and d-axis stator current models allows more flexibility in the placement of the closed-loop local model poles, in order to control the dynamic behavior of the PMSM.
Effect of Number of Inputs on Designing Fuzzy Logic Controllers
It has been proven that fuzzy controllers are capable of controlling non-linear systems where it is cumbersome to develop conventional controllers based on mathematical modeling. This chapter
Simplified Estimation of Stator Flux of Induction Motor for Direct Torque Control using SPLINE
Direct torque control (DTC) allows having a speed and torque control with good dynamic response. However, DTC uses a square root function to get the motor stator flux. This function is difficult to
The analysis of power supply signals by including phase effects for machine fault diagnosis
Experimental evaluations have found that these two proposed methods allow common faults in the downstream gearbox including gear tooth breakage, oil shortage and excessive bearing clearances to be detected and diagnosed under high load conditions, showing the effectiveness and accuracy of these two new approaches.
Design of a single input triple output DC-DC converter for solar home system
Influence of AC system design on the realisation of tractive efforts by high adhesion locomotives
ABSTRACT The main task for heavy haul railway operators is to reduce the cost of exported minerals and enhance the long-term viability of rail transport operations through increasing productivity by
Analysis of All-Electric Ship Motions Impact on PV System Output Power in Waves
Waves encountering can cause significant ship motions and affect the photovoltaic power generation capacity in All-Electric Ships (AES) during extreme conditions. In this paper, a comprehensive