Power-Electronic Systems for the Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources: A Survey

  title={Power-Electronic Systems for the Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources: A Survey},
  author={Juan Manuel Carrasco Sol{\'i}s and Leopoldo Garc{\'i}a Franquelo and Jan T. Bialasiewicz and Eduardo Galv{\'a}n and Ram{\'o}n Portillo Guisado and M. {\'A}ngeles Mart{\'i}n Prats and Jose Ignacio Le{\'o}n Galv{\'a}n and Narciso Moreno-Alfonso},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics},
The use of distributed energy resources is increasingly being pursued as a supplement and an alternative to large conventional central power stations. The specification of a power-electronic interface is subject to requirements related not only to the renewable energy source itself but also to its effects on the power-system operation, especially where the intermittent energy source constitutes a significant part of the total system capacity. In this paper, new trends in power electronics for… 
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  • Engineering, Environmental Science
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  • Engineering
    2017 International Conference on Innovations in Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Media Technology (ICEEIMT)
  • 2017
The power electronic interfacing modules are playing the major role in the integration of distributed generation units and microgrids in order to provide clean and reliable power.
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Active filters and energy storage systems for power conditioning in Japan
  • H. Akagi
  • Engineering
    Proceedings. 2004 First International Conference on Power Electronics Systems and Applications, 2004.
  • 2004
This paper describes advanced power electronics technology relevant to active filtering and energy storage for the purpose of power conditioning. The combination of active filtering and energy
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