Power Efficient Data Query Processing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks


Wireless sensor networks are being widely deployed for measurement, detection, and monitoring applications. Nodes in a sensor network typically have a limited power supply, thus energy-efficient processing of the queries over the network is a critical issue. This paper proposed a power efficient data query processing protocol (PEDQPP) for wireless sensor networks, the main idea of PEDQPP is that we mark the sensor area with virtual grid, sensors that are located in the same cell of the virtual grid form a sensor cluster. Cluster head can aggregate and store sensing data. Once a query task is flooded into the sensor network, a minimum spanning tree (MST) will be formed with the base station as root and all the cluster heads as children. The query task floods only along the MST and the query results forward back to the base station from the leaves of the MST. Simulation results show that PEDQPP can reduce the energy consumption and prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor networks.

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