Power Control and Stability of Electric Generating Stations

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  author={C. Steinmetz},
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  • C. Steinmetz
  • Engineering
  • Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers
Enhancing rotor angle stability of power systems using marine predator algorithm based cascaded PID control
Results show the effectiveness of the new proposed cascaded control scheme compared to the conventional scheme in improving the damping of the rotor oscillations without the need of a power system stabilizer. Expand
Improvement of Power System Small-Signal Stability by Artificial Neural Network Based on Feedback Error Learning
Electrical power systems usually suffer from instabilities because of some disturbances occurring due to environmental conditions, system failures, and loading conditions. The most frequentlyExpand
WaveLines: towards effective visualization and analysis of stability in power grid simulation
  • Tianye Zhang, Qi Wang, +6 authors Wei Chen
  • Computer Science
  • Frontiers Comput. Sci.
  • 2021
WaveLines is introduced, a visual analysis approach which supports the supervisory control of multivariate simulation time series of power grids and design and implement an interactive system that supports a set of analytical tasks proposed by domain experts and experienced operators. Expand
A Sufficient and Necessary Condition of Transient Stability for Multimachine Systems
  • Z. Yao
  • Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • 2020
This paper presents a sufficient and necessary condition for transient stability of multimachine power systems based on the passivity formalism. The condition derived using the extended classicalExpand
A Control-Oriented Energy Function for Generation Shedding Determination for Transient Stability Control
  • Z. Yao
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • 2019
The simulation with the full planning model of Western Electricity Coordinating Council system shows that the passivity-based COEF for TSC offers a concise, practical, and effective index for GS determination for transient stability control of power systems, which is particularly suitable for the Remedial Action Schemes that BC Hydro has been using. Expand
Real-Time Stability Surveillance in Power Systems: A Deep Learning Approach
Real-Time Stability Surveillance in Power Systems: A Deep Learning Approach Online Power System Stability assessment is a critical problem which has enormous scope of development. Most electricalExpand
Transient Stability Assessment of Multi-Machine Multi-Converter Power Systems
Transmission faults caused by recent wildfires in California have induced the disconnection of utility-scale converters in photovoltaic (PV) power plants. Postmortem investigations reported thatExpand
Demand Response Augmented Control with Load Restore Capabilities for Frequency Regulation of an RES-Integrated Power System
Frequency regulation of a microgrid is achieved by augmenting a demand response scheme to the conventional control of power system by implementing a central controller that controls frequency deviation by manipulating the responsive loads. Expand
Early Warning Condition Transient Stability on South Sulawesi System using Extreme Learning Machine
By observing the limits of stability in the event of a disturbance before black out in the South Sulawesi electricity system, an early warning system consisting of 44 buses and 15 generators using a Voltage stability margin (VSM) in theevent of a disruption is observed. Expand