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Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and Other Writings 1972-1977

  title={Power/Knowledge: Selected Interviews and Other Writings 1972-1977},
  author={Michel Foucault and Colin Gordon},
* On Popular Justice: A Discussion with Maoists * Prison Talk * Body/ Power * Questions on Georgraphy * Two Lectures * Truth and Power * Power and Strategies * The Eye of Power * The Politics of Health in the Eighteenth Century * The history of Sexuality * The Confession of the Flesh 
Special issue on noumenal power: an editorial
In the wider power debates, many theorists have observed that power is linked to reason: as ideology in three-dimensional power (Lukes 1974), as power/knowledge through the use of truth (Foucault 1...
Media images of women during war—vehicles of patriarchy's agenda?
abstract The author writes that the media often employs cognitively dissonant images to provoke desired reactions or responses for certain causes as well as to sell itself through the arousal and
Beyond witches, mothers or wives On the power of feminist narratives and historical memory in Manga
: This paper examines how Manga can be used to counter mainstream historical narratives, taking Fumiyo Kōno’s In This Corner of the World as an example. The first half of the article addresses the
Precarious life and the ethics of care: Subjectivity in an Indian religious phenomenon
This article relates certain figures of the subject in an emergent Indian pilgrimage. On the basis of ethnographic research and 15 in-depth interviews, I show that these religious subjectivities,
Power and pleasure in ethnographic home-work: producing a recognizable ethics
The author uses Michel Foucault's power/knowledge/pleasure combination to analyze the production of ethical practices in qualitative research. Through two data stories, the author recounts her own
The perils of power in interpretive research.
  • E. Cohn, K. Lyons
  • Sociology
    The American journal of occupational therapy : official publication of the American Occupational Therapy Association
  • 2003
D dilemmas are identified and questions researchers might ask themselves as they struggle to share power in the interpretive research process are raised.
Sexual magic and money: miskitu women¿s strategies in Northern Honduras
This is the published version of the article, made available with the permission of the publisher. The original published version can be found at:
Militarized Gendered Political Agencies in a Historical Perspective
The article introduces the collection of papers presented at the strand “Violence Revisited: Security, War and Peace Narrated”, which was a part of 8th European Feminist Research Conference that was
Gendered Casualties: Memoirs in Activism and the Problem of Representing Violence
Masculinity and nationalisms in Thailand during the 1970s served to enable gendered violence against activist women. Archival research and fieldwork reveal how feminist epistemologies and methods for
Reversing the discourse of sexology: Margaret Higgins sanger's what every girl should know
This essay offers an analysis of the interplay between the writings of the “father of sexology,” Henry Havelock Ellis, and the leader of the birth control movement in the United States, Margaret