Power, Culture and Situated Research Methodology

  title={Power, Culture and Situated Research Methodology},
  author={Cecilie Basberg Neumann and Iver B. Neumann},
The Atypique Approach: Disability Aesthetics and Theatre-Making in Montréal, Québec and Vancouver, British Columbia
Although there is literature on disability and theatre across central and western Canada, very little scholarly work has been done on Quebec. This dissertation explores how theatre companies andExpand
Reputation crisis management and the state: Theorising containment as diplomatic mode
This article theorises containment as a diplomatic response mode for states when faced with potentially harmful attacks on their international identity and reputation. Despite widespread agreement inExpand
Treatment Adherence in Chronic Conditions during Ageing: Uses, Functionalities, and Cultural Adaptation of the Assistant on Care and Health Offline (ACHO) in Rural Areas
The features and functionalities of a voice assistant (Assistant on Health and Care Offline, ACHO) that aims to facilitate treatment adherence among elderly adults that does not require an Internet connection are introduced. Expand
Health and Nutritional Beliefs and Practices among Rural Elderly Population: An Ethnographic Study in Western Spain
Background: Demographic transition is causing an increasingly aged society, which has a significant impact on public health strategies. Increases in the size of the elderly cohort create a widerExpand
Embodied Care Practices and the Realization of the Best Interests of the Child in Residential Institutions for Young Children
The aim of this chapter is to draw attention to the meaning of social workers’ conduct of care practices with young children living in residential child protection institutions. I am interested inExpand