Power, A Radical View

  title={Power, A Radical View},
  author={Jules Townshend},
  journal={Contemporary Political Theory},
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From the quotation above, which occurs quite often in scholarly literature today, several conclusions could be made. One possible conclusion is simply that resistance matters. Another one is that

On Analyzing Legal Culture: A Reply to Kagan

We thank Robert Kagan for his thorough, gracious, and provocative commentary on our book, Distorting the Law: Politics, Media, and the Litigation Crisis . Our initial intent to respond briefly was

Hobbes’s Practical Politics

Hobbes scholars have written much about whether individuals could escape the state of nature. Hobbes himself wrote far more about how to avoid returning to it. This paper examines Hobbes’s

Towards a Law and Economics of Power

[Pre-print version] The subject is not remote, philosophical nor esoteric; no one should venture into it with the feeling that it is a mystery that only the privileged can penetrate. Moreover, no one

Cosmos out of chaos - a theory developing study on naturalising power and myth with illustrations from Russia

Myth. Although the word is part of every-day life, it is more often than not used as synonymous to an amusing tale, or, worse yet, a lie. This thesis explores another, perhaps deeper, aspect of myth

Power, emotion, cognitive bias and legitimacy: an editorial

  • M. Haugaard
  • Political Science
    Journal of Political Power
  • 2019
When the power debates started with the work of Robert Dahl (1957), power was measured relative to its overt manifestation, which is the exercise of power. In the work of Lukes (1974), the analysis

Series editor’s foreword

  • B. Russell
  • Political Science
    The freedom of scientific research
  • 2018
Bertrand Russell once argued that power is to social science what energy is to physics (Russell 1938: 10). While power is one of the most important concepts in the social sciences, it is also one of

Is power zero-sum or variable-sum? Old arguments and new beginnings

The political and social world in which we live and act is partly constituted by the words we use and the way we use them. What power is and how power works is shaped by what we collectively think it

Reflections upon power, legitimacy and the constitution of the social subject

This issue opens with a conversational interview with Michael Mann, in which the four sources of power are set out: political power, military power, economic power and ideological power. In Mann’s

Leaders, Power, and the Paradoxical Position: Fantasies for Leaders’ Liberation

In this article, I explore how by furthering our understanding of the concept of power, a critical perspective of the leaders and power debate could emerge, where leaders are no longer only sources