PoweRGen: A power-law based generator of RDFS schemas

  title={PoweRGen: A power-law based generator of RDFS schemas},
  author={Yannis Theoharis and George Georgakopoulos and Vassilis Christophides},
  journal={Inf. Syst.},
As the amount of RDF datasets available on the Web has grown significantly over the last years, scalability and performance of Semantic Web (SW) systems are gaining importance. Current RDF benchmarking efforts either consider schema-less RDF datasets or rely on fixed RDFS schemas. In this paper, we present the first RDFS schema generator, termed PoweRGen, which takes into account the features exhibited by real SW schemas. It considers the power-law functions involved in (a) the combined in- and… CONTINUE READING

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Key Quantitative Results

  • The synthetic schemas generated by PoweRGen respect the power-law functions given as input with an accuracy ranging between 89 and 96%, as well as, various morphological characteristics regarding the subsumption hierarchy depth, structure, etc.

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