Poverty and the Death Penalty

  title={Poverty and the Death Penalty},
  author={Jeffery L. Johnson and Colleen F. Johnson},
  journal={Journal of Economic Issues},
  pages={517 - 523}
Disparities of wealth are inevitable within capitalism. Perhaps nowhere are these disparities more disturbing and deadly than in our system of justice and, in particular, in the way in which the death penalty is meted out in the United States. Our thesis is a simple one: Capital punishment in the United States is administered in an economically discriminatory way. The wealth disparity between those murderers who live and those who die constitutes a serious constitutional challenge to the… 

How the Death Penalty Lives: An Empirical Analysis of Discrimination in Capital Punishment in Texas from 2012 to 2018

The death penalty remains one of the most controversial and highly debated topics both in and out of the realm of politics. Though existing since colonial times, the 1960s raised questions of the

Evidence, Explanation, and the Pursuit of Truth in Literature and Law

My focus is evidence. I understand this concept to be the marshalling of facts (data, etc.) in support of some position. This might be a district attorney presenting evidence to a jury that O. J. is

Murder Most Foul: The Death Penalty and the Disadvantaged

This paper explores, through practical examples, how the death penalty is misused by judges and juries to reflect their own biases, racial or economic.

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Equal Justice And The Death Penalty: A Legal and Empirical Analysis

This bibliography was prepared by the Reference Staff of the University of Iowa Law Library and contains all published works within the following categories: Books and Monographs; Chapters in Books;

Group Violations, Socioeconomic Status and Official Delinquency

This article examines several assumptions about the relationships between (1) official delinquency, (2) socioeconomic status, and (3) the group context of delinquent acts (based on data independent

The Death Penalty in America

Collected essays analyze and evaluate the practice of capital punishment and present arguments for and against it.

The undeserving poor


After years in which she and her children were physically abused by her adulterous husband, a woman in Talladega County, Alabama, arranged to have him killed. Tragically, murders of abusive spouses

Inequality in the Imposition ofa Criminal Label

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