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Poverty and disability : a survey of the literature

  title={Poverty and disability : a survey of the literature},
  author={Ann E. Elwan},
This review summarizes the literature on disability and its relationship to pverty, including education, employment, income, and access to basic social services. Despite the dearth of formal analysis, it is clear that in developing countries, as in more developed areas, disabled people (and their families) are more likely than the rest of the population to live in poverty. It is a two-way relationship--disability adds to the risk of poverty, and conditions of poverty increase the risk of… Expand
Hendriks (1999:111) highlights the point that all studies during the past decade indicate, namely that person’s with disabilities and their families are disproportionately represented amongst theExpand
Disability and Poverty: A Conceptual Review
The relationship of disability to poverty is of increasing interest to policy makers as persons with disabilities are being mainstreamed into national poverty reduction programs. However, previousExpand
Poverty and Disability: The Need for Inclusion
Despite the fact that people with disabilities are disproportionately represented among the world's poorest, they have been marginalized in poverty research and have had minimal involvement inExpand
Poverty and disability: A vicious circle? Evidence from Afghanistan and Zambia
Disability and poverty have a complex and interdependent relationship. It is commonly understood that persons with disabilities are more likely to be poor and that poverty may contribute toExpand
Poverty, Disability, and Employment
The worldwide problems of disability, poverty, and unemployment stem out of the interaction of multiple factors including social stigma, stereotypes, lack of access to physical infrastructure,Expand
Poverty and disability in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review
There is strong evidence for a link between disability and poverty in LMICs and an urgent need for further research and programmatic/policy action to break the cycle. Expand
Poverty and disability in Eastern and Western Cape Provinces, South Africa
The impact of disability on the living conditions of people living in specifically resource‐poor areas in South Africa has not previously been addressed. This paper presents a comparison of peopleExpand
Poverty, Social Exclusion and the Politics of Disability: Care as a Social Good and the Expenditure of Social Capital in Chuadanga, Bangladesh
People labelled with disabilities in Chuadanga, Bangladesh, are denied equitable access to social networks and formal services. In terms both of funding future formal service programmes and ofExpand
Poverty and disability in India
This study explores the relationship between poverty and disability in India and it argues that disabled people are not only among the poorest of the poor in the country, but that they remain poorExpand
The realities of disability and poverty inLatin America
Disability and poverty are related: there is a higher risk of disabled people becoming poor and of poor people becoming disabled. Although this relationship is recognised within disabilityExpand


Disability Prevalence and Correlates in Pakistan: A Demographic Analysis
The paper provides a demographic view of disability patterns in Pakistan, and also highlights the inadequacies and inconsistencies of data, especially those provided by the census. Besides assessingExpand
Empirical Dimensions of Discrimination Against Disabled People.
This paper reviews some of the empirical evidence of discriminatory practices in the areas of access to education; meaningful participation in the labor force; and, physical and sexual assault. Expand
The Household Income Distribution of Disabled People in the UK
The United Nation's resolution proclaiming 1981 the International Year of Disabled People set out principal aims for the “Year”: to stimulate awareness of the needs, abilities and aspirations of theExpand
Poverty in India : research and policy
Poverty in India has been an intensely practical concern and research on poverty has grown in scope and sophistication with parallel evolution of public policy and expansion of poverty alleviatingExpand
The Impact of Permanent Disability on Rural Households: River Blindness in Guinea
This article examines the impact of permanent disability on households, based on a 1987 field study in highly endemic areas of onchocerciasis (river blindness) in Guinea (Conakry). PreliminaryExpand
Covers divided into two sections, the disabled people in private households and those in communal establishments; It looks at the way in which special services, equipments and adaptations are used byExpand
Women and Disability
  • G. Albrecht
  • Medicine
  • Journal of health services research & policy
  • 1997
The need for health services research and policy analysis focusing on women with disabilities lies in five areas: serious health and social problems for which they do not have adequate skills or resources to cope, chronic health conditions at a much higher rate than able-bodied women, and inadequate health insurance. Expand
Disability prevention and rehabilitation.
  • M. Thorburn
  • Medicine
  • World Health Organization technical report series
  • 1981
This document provides information on the implementation of resolution WHA42.28, which requested a review of the progress made during the United Nations Decade of Disabled Persons (1983-1992) and aExpand
Household survey of locomotor disability caused by poliomyelitis and landmines in Afghanistan
This work assessed locomotor disability, rehabilitation needs, and coverage of oral polio vaccine in Kandahar province, a heavily mined area in south west Afghanistan. Expand
Elderly mental health in the developing world.
Evidence on how demographic change, economic change, education, urbanization, war and displacement, and widowhood influence elderly mental health is examined to identify areas in which investigation would be particularly useful and highlight current methodological problems. Expand