Poverty Politics and Crime Control in Europe and America

  title={Poverty Politics and Crime Control in Europe and America},
  author={Bruce Western},
  journal={Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews},
  pages={283 - 286}
  • B. Western
  • Published 22 April 2011
  • History
  • Contemporary Sociology: A Journal of Reviews
The growth of prisons and jails over the last thirty years transformed the social experi- ence of American poverty. Penal confine- ment became commonplace for poor men of working age. Incarceration added to the unstable home life of poor children and their mothers, whose own imprisonment rates had also grown rapidly. LoicW acquant'sPrisons of Poverty (in part, first published in French in 1999) can be read as a forerunner to the author's trilo- gy, Urban Outcasts (2007), Punishing the Poor… 
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