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Poultry sector in China : structural changes during the past decade and future trends

  title={Poultry sector in China : structural changes during the past decade and future trends},
  author={Ke Bingsheng and Han Yijun},
The poultry sector in China has experienced vigorous growth over the past two decades, both in terms of poultry numbers and level of output per bird. Higher levels of production are associated with the spread of intensive systems in which food conversion ratios are high. Poultry production has increased its share of China's total livestock production – growing much faster than pork production. Growth has been accompanied by great changes in the structure of production. The poultry sector is no… 

Egg production in China

China has been the world's largest producer of eggs for the last 30 years. There have been considerable recent changes in the structure of the egg industry due to rapid economic growth, improved

Effects of Rising Feed and Labor Costs on China’s Chicken Price

China’s poultry production and consumption are growing rapidly, but rising input costs could slow its development. Increases in corn and soybean prices and wages are partially transmitted to rising

Heat stress and chickens: climate risk effects on rural poultry farming in low-income countries

Compared to other types of livestock, poultry is widely owned by rural households in developing countries. Rural poultry production is not a primary agricultural activity per se, but rather serves to

isk-based surveillance for avian influenza control along poultry arket chains in South China : The value of social network analysis

Over the past two decades, the poultry sector in China went through a phase of tremendous growth as well as rapid intensification and concentration. Highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAIV)

Live Poultry Trade in Southern China Provinces and HPAIV H5N1 Infection in Humans and Poultry: The Role of Chinese New Year Festivities

The results show that temporal variation in live poultry trade in Southern China around the Chinese New Year festivities is associated with higher HPAIV H5N1 infection risk in humans and poultry.

Current drivers and future directions of global livestock disease dynamics

It is suggested that, although endemic diseases continue their historic decline in wealthy countries, poor countries experience static or deteriorating animal health and epidemic diseases show both regression and expansion.

Assessing the role of live poultry trade in community-structured transmission of avian influenza in China

A regional-scale community structure in China is reported that might explain the spread of AIV subtypes in the country and has the potential to inform more targeted strategies for the prevention and control of Aiv in China.

Conservation, development and the management of infectious disease: avian influenza in China, 2004–2012

  • Tong WuC. Perrings
  • Environmental Science
    Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences
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It is found that H5N1 outbreaks in poultry populations are indeed sensitive to the existence of wild-domesticated bird mixing zones, but not in the way one would expect from the literature, and risk is decreasing in protected migratory bird habitat.

Ultra-low gossypol cottonseed ( ULGCS ) as a feed for non-ruminants to enhance human nutrition security

The cotton plant produces the greatest volume and most important natural fibre in the world. It has been cultivated for its fibre for over 7,000 years. Despite the availability of synthetic



Demand for Food Quantity and Quality in China

As incomes rise,Chinese consumers are changing their diets and demanding greater quality,convenience and safety in food.Food expenditures grow faster than quantities purchased,suggesting that

How will rising income affect the structure of food demand

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Determinants of consumption patterns of livestock products in China ’ s urban and rural households

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Meat consumption in the home in China: an empirical study

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Soldier dies of H5N1 virus, China Daily, 6 June

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Compilation of legal instruments on China’s accession to World Trade Organisation

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Analysis of consumption and trade of livestock products in China

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