Potentials of the Heun class

  title={Potentials of the Heun class},
  author={David Batic and R Williams and Marek Nowakowski},
  journal={Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical},
We review different methods of generating potentials such that the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation (ODSE) can be transformed into the hypergeometric equation. We compare our results with previous studies, and complement the subject with new findings. Our main result is to derive new classes of potentials such that the ODSE can be transformed into the Heun equation and its confluent cases. The generalized Heun equation is also considered. 
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Confluent Heun equation with single added apparent singularity
  • A. Kazakov
  • Mathematics, Physics
    2016 Days on Diffraction (DD)
  • 2016
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