Potential strategies utilised by papillomavirus to evade host immunity.

  title={Potential strategies utilised by papillomavirus to evade host immunity.},
  author={Ian H Frazer and Ranjeny Thomas and Jie Zhou and Graham R Leggatt and Linda J. Dunn and Nigel AJ McMillan and Robert W. Tindle and Luis Filgueira and Peter M Manders and Penny Barnard and Mark Sharkey},
  journal={Immunological reviews},
The co-evolution of papillomaviruses (PV) and their mammalian hosts has produced mechanisms by which PV might avoid specific and non-specific host immune responses. Low level expression of PV proteins in infected basal epithelial cells, together with an absence of inflammation and of virus-induced cell lysis, restricts the opportunity for effective PV protein presentation to immunocytes by dendritic cells. Additionally, PV early proteins, by a range of mechanisms, may restrict the efficacy of… CONTINUE READING

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