Potential source of asbestos in non-asbestos textile manufacturing company.

  title={Potential source of asbestos in non-asbestos textile manufacturing company.},
  author={Il Je Yu and Jeong Keun Choi and Seong-Kyu Kang and Hee Kyung Chang and Yong Hyun Chung and Jeong Hee Han and Kyung Seuk Song and Yong Mook Lee and Ho Keun Chung},
  journal={Environment international},
  volume={28 1-2},
Recently, a worker with lung carcinoma and a metastatic brain tumor was diagnosed as having a work-related disease. He had been employed in a non-asbestos textile company for 25 years. Consequently, to identify and explore possible causative agents for lung cancer in a non-asbestos textile manufacturing company and establish a causal relationship between exposure and lung cancer, an epidemiological investigative study was conducted and the work processes the worker was engaged in were examined… CONTINUE READING