Potential field method to navigate several mobile robots


Navigation of mobile robots remains one of the most challenging functions to carry out. Potential Field Method (PFM) is rapidly gaining popularity in navigation and obstacle avoidance applications for mobile robots because of its elegance. Here a modified potential field method for robots navigation has been described. The developed potential field function takes care of both obstacles and targets. The final aim of the robots is to reach some pre-defined targets. The new potential function can configure a free space, which is free from any local minima irrespective of number of repulsive nodes (obstacles) in the configured space. There is a unique global minimum for an attractive node (target) whose region of attraction extends over the whole free space. Simulation results show that the proposed potential field method is suitable for navigation of several mobile robots in complex and unknown environments.

DOI: 10.1007/s10489-006-0110-3

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