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Potential coanthracyclinic activity of pyridylmethylene-2-indolinones.

  title={Potential coanthracyclinic activity of pyridylmethylene-2-indolinones.},
  author={Aldo Andreani and Alberto Leoni and Alessandra Locatelli and Rita Morigi and Michele Chiericozzi and A Fraccari and Iraklis Galatulas},
  journal={Anticancer research},
  volume={18 5A},
The paper reports the cytotoxic activity of pyridylmethylene-2-indolinones previously described as cardiotonics and the synthesis of three analogs of the most potent cytotoxic agent. Some of these compounds could be useful, when associated with anthracyclines, to reduce the cardiotoxicity of these potent antitumor drugs. 
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Antitumor activity and COMPARE analysis of bis-indole derivatives.

Antitumor activity of bis-indole derivatives.

It is demonstrated that this approach to synthesis of compounds formed by two indole systems separated by a heterocycle was successful, since some of the compounds described are much more active than the numerous, so far prepared and tested 3-indolylmethylene-2-indolinones.