Potential biogenic amine-producing bacteria in ripened cheeses

  title={Potential biogenic amine-producing bacteria in ripened cheeses},
  author={{\'E}rica Barbosa Santos and Carlos Adam Conte J{\'u}nior and Eliane Teixeira M{\'a}rsico and Robson Maia Franco and Viviane da Silva Gomes and B{\'a}rbara Brizola Rosa and Samira Pirola Santos Mantilla and Fl{\'a}via Aline Andrade Calixto and Adriana Cristina de Oliveira Silva},
This study aimed to determine which of the eight cheese varieties (Prato, Standard Minas, Gorgonzola-, Moleson-, Raclette-, Gruyere-, Sbrinz- and Reblochon-types) prepared at a dairy processing plant in the state of Rio de Janeiro  had higher concentration of biogenic amines (BA) (putrescine, cadaverine, tyramine, histamine, spermidine and spermine), to detect which BA were produced at higher concentrations and to determine if the presence of Enterobacteriaceae , biogenic amine producing… 

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