Potential and caveats of TRAIL in cancer therapy.

  title={Potential and caveats of TRAIL in cancer therapy.},
  author={J{\"u}rgen Held and Klaus Schulze-Osthoff},
  journal={Drug resistance updates : reviews and commentaries in antimicrobial and anticancer chemotherapy},
  volume={4 4},
Induction of apoptosis in tumor cells is a major goal for chemotherapy and radiation treatment strategies. However, disordered gene expression often leads to apoptosis resistance rendering tumor cells insensitive to various conventional treatments. TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) is a recently identified cytokine of the TNF superfamily that induces apoptosis in tumor cells upon binding to different receptors. Remarkably, the majority of tumor cell lines are sensitive to TRAIL… CONTINUE READING


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