Potential Role of Parasitism in the Evolution of Mutualism in Astigmatid Mites: Hemisarcoptes Cooremani as a Model

  title={Potential Role of Parasitism in the Evolution of Mutualism in Astigmatid Mites: Hemisarcoptes Cooremani as a Model},
  author={Aurali E. Holte and M. Houck and N. L. Collie},
  journal={Experimental & Applied Acarology},
  • Aurali E. Holte, M. Houck, N. L. Collie
  • Published 2004
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Experimental & Applied Acarology
  • Phoresy is a symbiotic interaction that results in dispersal, benefiting the relocated organism without negatively impacting the phoretic host. It has long been considered that phoresy among astigmatid mites is somehow an intermediate precursor to the evolution of parasitism within the group. In astigmatid mites, only the heteromorphic deutonymph (hypopode) participates in phoretic dispersal, and the plesiomorphic hypopode may be the key to understanding the dynamics of the evolution of that… CONTINUE READING
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