Potential Matter.—A Holiday Dream

  title={Potential Matter.—A Holiday Dream},
  author={Arthur Sir Schuster},
WHEN the year's work is over and all sense of responsibility has left us, who has not occasionally set his fancy free to dream about the unknown, perhaps the unknowable? And what should more frequently cross our dreams than what is so persistently before us in our serious moments of consciousness—the universal law of gravitation. We can leave our spectroscopes and magnets at home, but we cannot fly from the mysterious force which causes the rain-drops to fall from the clouds, and our children… 
What’s the Matter with Antimatter?
Another novel idea in modern physics that fuels our imagination is antimatter. Every material object in our universe, we believe, is made up of atoms, which in turn are a collection of further
Galileo's Undone Gravity Experiment: Part 1
Galileo’s classic thought experiment, in which he envisions a cannonball falling through the Earth, has been doable as a scaled-down real experiment for decades. Yet it remains undone. The reasons
Masks of the Universe: Changing Ideas on the Nature of the Cosmos, Second Edition
Preface Introducing the masks Part I. Worlds in the Making: 1. The magic Universe 2. The mythic Universe 3. The geometric Universe 4. The medieval Universe 5. The infinite Universe 6. The mechanistic
Speed of Light and Rates of Clocks in the Space Generation Model of Gravitation, Part 1
General Relativity’s Schwarzschild solution describes a spherically symmetric gravitational field as an utterly static thing. The Space Generation Model (SGM) describes it as an absolutely moving
Three P’s in Cosmology: Progress, Problems, and Perspectives
A review on the development of cosmology for a diverse audience is presented. The first historical part is devoted to the works done half a century ago with an emphasize to those performed in Russia
Nature of Light from the Perspective of a Biologist What Is a Photon
The light which makes the plants grow and which gives us warmth has the double characteristics of waves and particles, and is found to exist ultimately of photons. Having carried the analysis of the
The incident took place in 1975 and remained unexplained, since then. The provided description 1 refers to a woman, living at that time in Smethwick, a territory in Birmingham, West Midlands, (U.K).
On the existence of exotic matter in classical Newtonian mechanics
According to Newton’s law of gravitation, the force between two particles depends upon their inertial, as well as their active and passive gravitational masses. For ordinary matter, all three of
Matter-Antimatter : An Accentuation-Attrition Model
A system of matter dissipating antimatter and parallel system of antimatter that contribute to the dissipation of the velocity of production of matter is investigated. It is shown that the time
A unifying theory of dark energy and dark matter: Negative masses and matter creation within a modified ΛCDM framework
  • J. Farnes
  • Physics
    Astronomy & Astrophysics
  • 2018
Dark energy and dark matter constitute 95% of the observable Universe. Yet the physical nature of these two phenomena remains a mystery. Einstein suggested a long-forgotten solution: gravitationally