Potential Impacts of Invasive House Crows ( Corvus Splendens ) Bird Species in Ismailia Governorate , Egypt : Ecology , Control and Risk Management

  title={Potential Impacts of Invasive House Crows ( Corvus Splendens ) Bird Species in Ismailia Governorate , Egypt : Ecology , Control and Risk Management},
  author={A M Kamel},
  • A. Kamel
  • Published 2015
  • Environmental Science
House crows (Corvus splendens) have become well-established in Ismailia Governorate, Egypt, where they pose several and serious impacts on native biodiversity, ecosystems and humans health. However, there is a lack of literature on the status and effects of invasive birds in Egypt. Over the past 10 years in Ismailia, House crow have increased at a rate approaching (60000 birds) 15% per annum; if this were allowed to continue, the population now 10909 birds and will exceed more by 2014, probably… 

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