Potential Economic Impact of LENR Technology in Energy Markets


There has been a huge discussion about the technology of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) devices. Some of the common assumptions about this technology discuss the projected major transformation of our present society in points of infrastructure, cost of power and power storage, but a clear economic impact simulation in a business plan systematic review manner with different parameters and scenarios is still missing. The question is how will the lives of people be affected by LENR and how will power industry adapt the potential huge changes in infrastructure and cost of power. There is no doubt that access to LENR will change the lives of average citizens for that matter. The here described model is a monte-carlo simulation scenario model to find a proposed business and socioeconomic value of the LENR technology as impact on current infrastructure, economy and citizens of a given country. The simulation is a good tool for pricing discussions, price modeling and predictive modeling on the technology impact. The validation of the model over common mechanisms is work-in-progress.

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