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Potential Anti-photoaging Effect of Amino Sugar

  title={Potential Anti-photoaging Effect of Amino Sugar},
  author={Bon Geun Koo and Gu Baek and Yeon Woo Kim and Ji Min Park and Min Ju Kim and Hyun Seo Ko and Jae Kweon Park},
The anti-photoaging activity of amino sugar was measured by monitoring the survival rate toward a bacterial species Serratia marcescens. Cells incubated in liquid and solid culture medium containing various sugars were irradiated under UV 254 nm or 365 nm. Among sugars tested in this study, relatively high photo-protective activity in the presence of amino sugars such as glucosamine, mannosamine, and galactosamine on cells irradiated under UV 365 nm were observed incubated in liquid culture… Expand

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