Potato notes

  • Published 2008 in American Potato Journal


machines, J. W. Freeman, Lansing, Mich.; grading and loading certified seed potatoes, H. B. Losey, Elmira, Mich. ; seed plots and hill selection of seed potatoes, Fred Schmalzried, Lever ing, Mich. ; selecting and exhibi t ing show potatoes, Ernes t Pet t i for , Gaylord, Mich. ; methods I use in g rowing high yields of high qual i ty potatoes, M. E. Parmelee, Hill iards, Mich. T h e speakers at the banquet T h u r s d a y night a r e -P re s iden t K. L. Butterfield, Jason "Woodman, P a w Paw, Mich. and Hon. J. I. Breck, Mich. State Dept. of Agr., Lansing, Mich. M I C H I G A N F o r several years the Michigan Po ta to Producer ' s Ass'n. has fostered high school pota to judging contests . This year the contest will be conducted at Eas t Lans ing dur ing the last week of April. A silver cup and several other medals are awarded the winners of the contest . Las t year the silver cup was won by the pota to judging team from the Lowell Michigan High School.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02911314

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