Potato control


In the past ten years the potato production in the United States has struggled through changing economic conditions affecting materially cost of production, both up and down. This period marks the culmination of improvements in cultural, technological, and biological methods that have been most valuable and gratifying. There has been much attention devoted to developments of cooperatives and changes in marketing methods and many plans have been suggested and a number have been tried. There is one outstanding fact discernible throughout the period and it is that the larger the crop, the less total money received by the producer. This fact stands out over and above any other thing that the last ten years has taught us and it probably suggests the solution of the problem of the potato producer. The facts are that when the total potato crop in the United States was 358 million bushels or larger, the entire moneys received by the producer was less than the cost of seed, planting, cultivating and harvesting with nothing left for rent, water, labor or cost of living. In five of the last ten years, the crop was greater than 358 million bushels and the producer received less than out-of-pocket cost. In three of the remaining five years, the crop was small enough to warrant fair prices but adverse economic conditions prevented a living price to the producer. In the other two years, or two out of ten, the price of potatoes was high enough to make a profit for most producers but not enough to produce a favorable average over the entire period. However, total figures and averages may be misleading and lead to an incorrect conclusion. A review of the conditions in a specific area may be helpful towards getting the true picture. The State of Maine has been selected because it is the outstanding potato producing area

DOI: 10.1007/BF02880118

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