Potassium retention in membraneless thymus lymphocyte nuclei.

  title={Potassium retention in membraneless thymus lymphocyte nuclei.},
  author={Mikl{\'o}s S.Z. Kellermayer and Deborah Rouse and Ferenc Gyorkey and Carlton F. Hazlewood},
  journal={Physiological chemistry and physics and medical NMR},
  volume={16 6},
Nonionic detergents, Triton X-100 and Brij 58, removed lipoid membranes of suspended thymus lymphocytes within 5 minutes. The mobilization and solubilization of cytoplasmic and nuclear proteins occurred much faster (less than 5 minutes) with Triton X-100 treatment than with Brij 58 treatment (less than 10 minutes). In Triton X-100 treated cells the loss of K+ was complete within 5 minutes whereas with Brij 58 treatment the K+ loss was not complete after 10 minutes. Thus, the high concentration… CONTINUE READING

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