Potassium channel openers are uncoupling protonophores: implication in cardioprotection.

  title={Potassium channel openers are uncoupling protonophores: implication in cardioprotection.},
  author={Ekhson L. Holmuhamedov and Arshad Jahangir and Andrew Oberlin and Alexander Komarov and Marco Colombini and Andre Terzic},
  journal={FEBS letters},
  volume={568 1-3},
Excessive build-up of mitochondrial protonic potential is harmful to cellular homeostasis, and modulation of inner membrane permeability a proposed countermeasure. Here, we demonstrate that structurally distinct potassium channel openers, diazoxide and pinacidil, facilitated transmembrane proton translocation generating H(+)-selective current through planar phospholipid membrane. Both openers depolarized mitochondria, activated state 4 respiration and reduced oxidative phosphorylation… CONTINUE READING
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