Potassium and the photoreceptor-dependent pigment epithelial hyperpolarization

  title={Potassium and the photoreceptor-dependent pigment epithelial hyperpolarization},
  author={Burks Oakley},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={405 - 425}
  • Burks Oakley
  • Published 1977 in The Journal of general physiology
Light-evoked changes in pigment epithelial cell membrane potentials and retinal extracellular potassium ion concentration, [K+]0, were measured in an in vitro frog retina-pigment epithelium-choroid preparation. Light stimuli hyperpolarized the apical membrane of the pigment epithelium. Through an electrical shunt pathway connecting the apical and basal membranes, the basal membrane also hyperpolarized, but to a lesser degree than the apical membrane. This differential hyperpolariation of the… CONTINUE READING
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