Potassium accumulation in the perinodal space of frog myelinated axons

  title={Potassium accumulation in the perinodal space of frog myelinated axons},
  author={Jean Marc Dubois and Claude Bergman},
  journal={Pfl{\"u}gers Archiv},
1. Voltage clamp experiments were carried out on frog myelinated fibres to study the origin of the transient inward current occuring when the membrane is repolarized after long lasting depolarizing pulses (tail current denominated “I p” by Frankenhaeuser). 2. The “tail” of inward current measured during repolarization after break of the depolarizing pulse is insensitive to external application of TTX, is abolished by external treatment with TEA or Cs and decreases when the outward K-current… CONTINUE READING

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