Postural tachycardia syndrome: clinical features and follow-up study.

  title={Postural tachycardia syndrome: clinical features and follow-up study.},
  author={Paola Sandroni and Tonette L. Opfer-Gehrking and Benjamin R McPhee and Phillip A. Low},
  journal={Mayo Clinic proceedings},
  volume={74 11},
OBJECTIVE To define the clinical features and outcome of postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS). MATERIALS AND METHODS In this cross-sectional study of the autonomic symptom profile, inclusion criteria were orthostatic heart rate increment of 30 beats/min or greater, orthostatic symptoms, completion of a standardized autonomic test battery, and follow-up of 18 months or longer. We used 2 instruments. The first part was a structured and validated autonomic symptom profile (108 patients). The… CONTINUE READING
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