Postural control is scaled to level of postural threat.

  title={Postural control is scaled to level of postural threat.},
  author={Allan L Adkin and James S. Frank and Mark G. Carpenter and Gary W. Peysar},
  journal={Gait & posture},
  volume={12 2},
This study investigated control of posture when standing at different surface heights above ground level. Alterations in surface height were used to modify threat to postural control. Sixty-two healthy adults (mean+/-S.D.=20.3+/-1.3 years) stood quietly on a force plate 40 cm (LOW threat), 100 cm (MEDIUM threat) or 160 cm (HIGH threat) above ground level. Each standing trial was performed with eyes open for 120 s. Postural threat was presented in ascending (n=31) or descending (n=31) order with… CONTINUE READING
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