Postural Consequences of Cervical Sagittal Imbalance: A Novel Laboratory Model.

  title={Postural Consequences of Cervical Sagittal Imbalance: A Novel Laboratory Model.},
  author={Avinash G Patwardhan and Robert Havey and Saeed Khayatzadeh and Muturi G Muriuki and Leonard I. Voronov and Gerard Carandang and Ngoc-Lam M. Nguyen and Alexander J. Ghanayem and Dale Schuit and Alpesh A. Patel and Zachary A. Smith and William Sears},
  volume={40 11},
STUDY DESIGN A biomechanical study using human spine specimens. OBJECTIVE To study postural compensations in lordosis angles that are necessary to maintain horizontal gaze in the presence of forward head posture and increasing T1 sagittal tilt. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Forward head posture relative to the shoulders, assessed radiographically using the horizontal offset distance between the C2 and C7 vertebral bodies (C2-C7 [sagittal vertical alignment] SVA), is a measure of global… CONTINUE READING
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