Postulated carbon tetrachloride mode of action: a review.


Under the 2005 U.S. EPA Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment (1), evaluations of carcinogens rely on mode of action data to better inform dose response assessments. A reassessment of carbon tetrachloride, a model hepatotoxicant and carcinogen, provides an opportunity to incorporate into the assessment biologically relevant mode of action data on its… (More)


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@article{Manibusan2007PostulatedCT, title={Postulated carbon tetrachloride mode of action: a review.}, author={Mary Ko Manibusan and Marc Odin and David A. Eastmond}, journal={Journal of environmental science and health. Part C, Environmental carcinogenesis & ecotoxicology reviews}, year={2007}, volume={25 3}, pages={185-209} }