Posttraumatic labyrinthitis ossificans with perilymphatic fistulization.

  title={Posttraumatic labyrinthitis ossificans with perilymphatic fistulization.},
  author={Ayse Aralasmak and Elvan Dinçer and G{\"o}khan Arslan and Can Cevikol and Kamil Karaali},
  journal={Diagnostic and interventional radiology},
  volume={15 4},
Labyrinthitis ossificans is fibrosis or ossification of the membranous labyrinth. Tympanogenic, meningogenic, and hematogenous etiologies are more common than trauma in the development of labyrinthitis ossificans. We present a case complaining of right-sided hearing loss and symptoms of otitis media and positional vertigo resulting from perilymphatic fistulization. Imaging revealed labyrinthitis ossificans secondary to temporal bone fracture crossing through the otic capsule. 
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