Posttransplant antibodies and fresh venous allograft failure in dogs.

  title={Posttransplant antibodies and fresh venous allograft failure in dogs.},
  author={Elfriede Wagner and Roopali Roy and Yves Marois and Yvan Douville and Robert Guidoin},
  volume={58 5},
Small diameter arterial reconstruction is usually achieved by use of the autologous long saphenous vein. As an alternative to this blood conduit, the venous allograft has been used with some success in the past, but is likely to be the target of an immune rejection reaction from the host. This study was designed to characterize humoral immune reactions possibly involved in the outcome of venous allografts. Ten mongrel dogs received a histoincompatible femoral vein allograft and an autograft as… CONTINUE READING