Posttranslational modification of pili upon cell contact triggers N. meningitidis dissemination.

  title={Posttranslational modification of pili upon cell contact triggers N. meningitidis dissemination.},
  author={Julia Chamot-Rooke and Guillain Mikaty and Christian Malosse and Magali Soyer and Audrey Dumont and Joseph Gault and Anne-Flore Imhaus and Patricia M L Martin and Mikael E. Trellet and Guilhem Clary and Philippe Chafey and Luc Camoin and Michael Nilges and Xavier Nassif and Guillaume Dum{\'e}nil},
  volume={331 6018},
The Gram-negative bacterium Neisseria meningitidis asymptomatically colonizes the throat of 10 to 30% of the human population, but throat colonization can also act as the port of entry to the blood (septicemia) and then the brain (meningitis). Colonization is mediated by filamentous organelles referred to as type IV pili, which allow the formation of bacterial aggregates associated with host cells. We found that proliferation of N. meningitidis in contact with host cells increased the… CONTINUE READING


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