Posttranscriptional orchestration of an anti-apoptotic program by HuR.

  title={Posttranscriptional orchestration of an anti-apoptotic program by HuR.},
  author={Kotb Abdelmohsen and Ashish Nandan Lal and Hyeon Ho Kim and Myriam Gorospe},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={6 11},
The RNA-binding protein HuR can stabilize and/or regulate the translation of target mRNAs, thereby affecting the cellular responses to immune, proliferative, and damaging agents. Here, we discuss emerging evidence that HuR elicits a broad anti-apoptotic function through its influence on the expression of multiple target mRNAs. HuR was previously shown to bind to the mRNA encoding the apoptosome inhibitor prothymosin a(ProT alpha) and enhanced its translation and cytoplasmic abundance. More… CONTINUE READING

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