Posttranscriptional modification of tRNA in psychrophilic bacteria.

  title={Posttranscriptional modification of tRNA in psychrophilic bacteria.},
  author={Joseph J. Dalluge and Tamaki Hamamoto and Koki Horikoshi and Richard Y. Morita and K. O. Stetter and James A. McCloskey},
  journal={Journal of bacteriology},
  volume={179 6},
Posttranscriptional modification in tRNA is known to play a multiplicity of functional roles, including maintenance of tertiary structure and cellular adaptation to environmental factors such as temperature. Nucleoside modification has been studied in unfractionated tRNA from three psychrophilic bacteria (ANT-300 and Vibrio sp. strains 5710 and 29-6) and one psychrotrophic bacterium (Lactobacillus bavaricus). Based on analysis of total enzymatic hydrolysates by liquid chromatography-mass… CONTINUE READING